• Membership status: Neutralized, unreplaced
  • Ring: 三 (“three”)
  • Ring position: Left index finger
  • Partner: Formerly Kakuzu
  • Defining characteristics: Immortal, wields large three-bladed scythe

Hidan (飛段?) is a missing-nin from an unknown village and is the second-newest member of Akatsuki,[22] Tobi being the newest. Unlike the other members of Akatsuki, the Akatsuki leader does not seem to have Hidan’s respect. He is the partner of Kakuzu, despite their obvious dislike of one another. Kakuzu has little patience for Hidan’s battle style, rituals, and speeches, which he believes take far too long. Hidan, in turn, detests how Kakuzu fights solely for money. He was eventually dismembered and buried alive by Shikamaru Nara. The leader considers him to be effectively dead.[23]

10 Responses to “Hidan”

  1. Zetsu sk8 said

    Some say that Hidan is from the Village HIdden in the Steam. His religion is known a Jashin. He promises death in a battle; because he prays before a battle. Anything less than death, is a sin. At the end of battle, he stabs himself in the chest.

  2. bindgo77 said

    man i wish him and Kakuzu didnt die they were my favs then itachi had to die T_T so im done with the Akatsuki we….. pain si pretty kool idk

  3. Hidan é maximo lutador do mundo naruto.
    Ele si morto do times no lugares, essa cara normal é o morto osso.

  4. Mykee said

    wow. so hidan and kakuzu rly dont get along? i dint know that. and hidan’s from the waterfall village.

  5. hidan said

    esse sou eu nos akatisuks

  6. Anon said

    Hidan has grey hair and purple eyes. All of you are retards. Hes not from the “stream village” or waterfall. And at the end, he just doesnt ‘stab’ himself. When he has someone in his jutsu, to finish them off, he stabs his heart, thus killing his opponent and to him it feels like ecstasy. You all suck.

  7. Anon said

    And his scythe is red with red blades.

  8. Anon said

    AND, his headband’s lines are up and down, not slanted.

  9. Anon said

    AANNNND, there is more than one cloud on the cloak, and the blade’s edge is on the bottom, not the top, and you’re also missing his pendant.

  10. dalton said

    Hidan is my favorite

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