Ichigo is our 15 year old fearless hero, He obtains his powers when his family is in jeopardy he gets them from an injured Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. When he stabbed himself with her sword he gained a zapakto(sword for soul reapers) named Zangetsu or Slicing Moon. When he slayed the hollow he kept the powers because Rukia had to recover. So he started helping Rukia slay hollows that came to earth. He also learned new techniques for using his blade.

Ichigo’s personality is crabby. A regular high school student, Ichigo and his sisters are able to sense and see ghosts. One night, Ichigo ‘borrowed’ a Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki’s powers in order to save his sisters, and since then became forced by Rukia to subsitute as a part time Soul Reaper.

Ichigo’s main jobscope is slaying Hollows. He later acquired a soft toy companion (Kon), with a Modified Soul locked in it, and could help transform Ichigo to Soul Reaper mode without the help of Rukia. When Byakuya Kuchiki  and Renji Abarai came to arrest Rukia, Ichigo tried to stop them only to get beaten pretty badly. He then underwent training by Kisuke Urahara a quirky owner of the Urahara Store, and entered Soul Society with a few of his classmates and a talking cat to save Rukia.


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