Name: Kisuke Urahara
Gender: Male
Occupation: Manager of the Urahara Store
Hobbies: Fanning himself with a mini fan
Kisuke Urahara, at first glance, is a laid back manager of his very interesting Urahara Store. As much as we’re concerned, he sells preternatural stuff to preternatural beings. Most of the time, Urahara is seen wielding his mini fan and his staff which is actually his soul slayer. His easy-going, laid backness is easily likable.

Urahara’s workers include the little meek Ururu who constantly gets bullied by the cocky and annoying Jinta Hanakari. We see a tender scene where Urahara gently comforts Ururu when she blames herself for making a mistake.

When Rukia was captured back to the Soul Society, Urahara and his staff trained Ichigo to regain his Soul Reaper skills and sent him along with Yoruichi, the talking cat, Chad, Orihime , and Uryuu  to rescue Rukia.

The most intriguing part about Urahara is his history as the Soul Reaper captain of Squad 12. He must be a really enterprising fella to have left his high ranking post to start his own business.


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