Name: Orihime Inoue
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: High School girl
Orihime Inoue is your typical high school sweetie, super well-endowered and cute, with a constant zoned-out look. Her elder brother died when she was young and returns as a Hollow monster to haunt her when she becomes a teenager. Getting haunted by a Hollow was probably not as traumatizing an experience for Orihime as getting pounced on and molested by a lesbian classmate.

After the incident with her brother, Orihime slowly began to see ghosts and is one of the random select classmates of Rukia to suddenly be bestowed with supernatural powers. Apparently, in her blue flower hairclips hide little spirit fairies with extraodinary powers to help her fight.

So together with Chad, Uryuu ,Ichigo and Yoruichi, a talking cat, they set out to rescue orihimeRukia.

One Response to “Orihime Inoue”

  1. Tetchy said

    15?! 15?!
    I feel sorry for her. o.o

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