Name: Renji Abarai
Gender: Male
Talent: Enduring pain (those tattoos on his eyebrows HAS gotta hurt!)

When Renji Abarai first appeared in the anime ‘Bleach’, he was public enemy no. 1, being one of the Soul Reapers, along with Byakuya Kuchiki, responsible for capturing RukiaKuchiki back to the Soul Society.

Later on, however, we learn he and Rukia had a long history together, going through a tough childhood together and later on joining the Shinigami Academy together. So it was sad that Renji had to be the one to capture Rukia back.

Renji is ranked Liutenant of the 11th squad, a high ranking and powerful Soul Reaper. He has funky tattooed eyebrows and big sunglasses plastered on his forehead which never falls even when he fights and gets thrown about. We suspect it is for highly ornamental purposes only. Oh sure, he used it as a terminator-like sunglasses to track Rukia when he first appeared.



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