Name: Rukia  Kuchiki
Gender: Female
Occupation: Soul Reaper, freelance high school student
Hobbies: Drawing really bad pictures, usually involving rabbits and tanukis.
Talent: Keeping a strand of hair tucked neatly between her eyes at ALL times
Bleach is centered around the story of how a Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki , transfered her powers to a human, Ichigo Kurosaki  in order to save him from evil monsters called Hollows. Having stripped of her powers, Rukia was unable to return to the Soul Society, where she belongs, and had to live in the human world as a high school girl, forcing Ichigo to assist her in fighting the Hollows.

The ramifications of transferring her Soul Reaper powers to a human means committing a crime punishable by death. And soon as she was making herself comfy being a human, she was captured back to Soul Society by her childhood best friend Renji Abarai, and her brother Byakuya Kuchiki. While she waits in the Repentance Cell for her execution, a few of her high school friends along with Ichigo Kurosaki and a mysterious talking cat embarked on the journey from the living world to the Soul Society to save her.

The most striking feature of Rukia Kuchiki is the strand of hair that falls in the middle of her face. She has a dead serious expression most of the time except when communicating with her classmates, in which she would adopt the sweet high school girl image. Behind the stoic exterior however, is a tender heart which cares for Ichigo. She loves drawing, but really sucks in it.

rukia Kuchiki

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  1. sakura said

    rajongo vagyok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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