• Membership status: Active
  • Ring: 玉 (“jewel”, “ball”; also the king in shogi)
  • Ring position: Left thumb
  • Partner: Deidara
  • First appearance: Chapter 280
  • Defining characteristics: Orange mask with single eye-hole covered in a swirl pattern concentrated towards the right eye

Tobi aka Obito Uchiha kakashi’s best friend and the person who kakashi the sharingan , formerly Zetsu‘s subordinate, became a full Akatsuki member after Sasori‘s death. He now wears the same ring as Sasori, having recovered it after Sasori’s death, and took his place as Deidara’s partner. Unlike the majority of ninja thus far, Tobi has not been shown wearing a visible forehead protector, so his place of origin is unknown. He wears an odd mask that covers his entire face save for his right eye. Furthermore, Tobi has several bolts or pins present on the arms of his uniform, now obscured by his Akatsuki cloak.

Tobi’s area of expertise remains unclear, as he has never been shown fighting. He and Deidara have defeated the three-tailed beast, but Tobi is never shown doing anything but running from it. After the battle, which goes largely unwitnessed, Tobi claims to have knocked it out with a single attack. Deidara disagrees with the assessment, claiming that it was his “artistic contribution” (exploding clay) that allowed them to win.

Tobi has a very formal and correct manner of speech. While his physical appearance remains a mystery, Zetsu has implied that he is relatively young when one side of him referred to Tobi as a “good boy”. He respects Deidara, referring to him as Deidara-senpai. Tobi’s personality is rather odd in comparison with other Akatsuki members. While most of the members are dedicated and serious, though somewhat argumentative or even hostile towards each other when not fighting, Tobi is more carefree and goofy, much like Naruto. His personality does not please Deidara, who believes that all Akatsuki members should be serious and calm. Tobi unintentionally irritates Deidara frequently, which usually results in Deidara attacking Tobi in a comedic fashion.

36 Responses to “Tobi”

  1. jino said

    isn,t it tobi is obito the former best friend of konoha’s hatake kakashi? the hole in his mask represents the hole in his eye, the eyes that is with kakashi’s? (sharingan)

  2. kyle said

    he is uchiha madara

  3. KEITH said


  4. Sam said

    Tobi is AWSOME! ^-^ And I needed that information ^-^ Thankz a lots!

  5. austin said

    deidara has passe3d on and tobi is an uchiha and is seen giveing pein(Akistu leader) ordders and refuring to him self as Madara Uchiha *GASP*

  6. hfdh said

    This is a theory it is not proven that obito is tobi

  7. sidd said

    you guys are all stupid, Tobi is really Uchiha Madara and he has intense powers. He is the one who summoned the Kyuubi and set it to destroy konohoa. He has a special Sharingan, the story behind it is that his mother has a Byakugan and his father has mystical powers, so he developed a sharingan and a byakugan. But since summoning kyuubi he lost all his powers and the only way to regain those powers is to have 3 MS users. Thats why I think that Itachi let sauske live, so oneday he gets and MS, along with his, and Kakashi so they can unleash the power. Once that happens everything will be over

  8. khalil said

    its Obito because the hole in tobi’s mask shows the right instead of boh because in kakashi gaiden before Obito was about to die from the rock slide rin did surgery on their eyes so tobi has kakashi’s left eye and kakashi has tobi’s left eye and tobi trained under the fourth hokage until the mission with the rock slide he got away because he was also training under madara as well so he fake his death so he can train under Madara Uchiha.

  9. Kaishe said

    MAN NUH UH!! Madara Uchiha is NOT i repeat NOT Obito OBITO DIED PPLS and yes Madara Uchiha IS i repeat IS Tobi!

  10. kuronite said

    hey..i really don’t believe that uchiha is tobi..look people…their names may be the similar but obito is DEAD and tobi is ALIVE

  11. Fred said

    This isn’t Obito. It is Uchiha Madara, the founder of the Uchiha clan.

  12. Zhyreal said

    Their is still no proof of him being Uchiha Obito. Rather he refers himself to Mandara Uchiha, founder of the Uchiha Clan and Konoha itself!!!!

  13. Josh said

    uhhh obito actually reveals himself as “Madara Uchiha” in the manga so when u all read it u will know that its not Obito…remember that Obito is dead(thats in the manga to)….Kakashi watches him die…

  14. KYUUBI!! said

    Tobi aka Obito shouldve died but the spirit of uchiha madara saved him and took over his body and healed him but obito is in mostley control but madara sometimes takes over!

  15. Sam said

    Hey Tobi Is Obito! The Leader Of Akatsuki Is the 4th Hokage,His SENSEI!!! And Tobi Add An O And Mix Them Up It Makes Obito! Tobi->Obito!

  16. Sam said

    Also Gaara “Died” And He Came Back To Life!!!

  17. Angel said

    Inunasha is an awasome show. I love chating like this!

  18. Billy said

    actually what tobi says is that he has the “power of the sharingan, my power, uchiha madara’s power”
    Tobi never mentioned that he was Uchiha Madara. in 364, 2nd to the last page, what he said was “The Sharingan’s true power, my power, Uchiha Madara’s power.”
    i am not sure whether he is obito or madara or someone who has madara’s power
    since Tobi only shown one Sharingan right eye, and the fact that we assumed he died because one big bolder crushed his right side and then a whole lot more rocks after… well maybe someone revived him. Its not imposible! After all look at Gaara been resurrected by the Olg Hag, Orochimaru going from body to body, look at Sasori, Kukuzu and Hidan. All them beat death or cheated death in different ways; so who is not to say Minato found a way, and the Obito was resurrected or something. Lets not forget that Madara is linked to Tobi somehow too. If Madara capable of summoning the 9 Tails Fox who is to say he didnt stay alive through his clan Uchiha.
    also, i dont know if obito would be so strong that he could be the leader of the akatsuki leader and everyone part of the akatsuki

  19. no all Tobi says is……….
    that he has Madara uchihas power
    he nvr says he is Madara….he only says that becuz Madara was the 1st person 2 have the sharingan
    im not sayin that Tobi is Obito, but HE ISNT MADARA!!!
    Madara is long gone….dead, that y they have his statue at the “Valley of the End”
    and Tobi still could b Obito
    no 1 knows the answer…so just wait and have fun w/ diferent theories 😀

  20. nnk3 said

    i have picture tobi without his mask, and he is obito uchiha. are you belive that ? i still not sure that

  21. ranzid09 said

    hey folks…
    obito is not uchiha madara.!!

    tobi and obito is one

    but its a little bit confusing because he said in the manga that he has the power of uchiha madara. . .

    So wats the real score here ??

  22. Idon'tcareaboutname said

    He is Madara Uchiha, not Obito Uchiha .

  23. Someone Intelligent said

    Tobi has the sharingan, so one must assume he is Uchiha since he can apparently control when it is activated or not. Also, he doesn’t call himself Uchiha Madara, he says; “The Sharingan’s true power… My power… Uchiha Madara’s power…” Meaning he has the same ability as Uchiha Madar, but is not Uchiha Madara. Also, no, it has not been confirmed that Tobi is Uchiha Obito, even though there is much evidence pointing towards it. A picture of him without his mask? Ever heard of fanart, nnk3?

  24. Simon said

    Guys, we won’t know for sure what tobi is before the anime comes out. He might be obito, he mig be madara, he might be both? Or maybe he is another survivor of the uchiha clan. It’s still all guesses.

  25. Uchiha said

    technically isnt the only person known to have mandaras powers is sasuke…declared by the demon fox?

  26. g man said

    idiots tobi is madara uchiha and the hole is not empty it has his sharningan your info is a bit wrong and dedoria is dead he blew himself up how can you think tobi is obito 1 tobi is the first uchiha uchiha madara and 2 how can he be obito when the onley eye obito had left after the rock slide wich crushed half of his body kakashi has r tards.

  27. BILLY said

    Tobi is good boy!!! YAY!!! MEOW!! :3

  28. BILLY said

    MEOW~! ❤

  29. Owmmaaaaahzaweoohrahgamafaaque!!! said

    I love Tobi! So awesome!!

  30. destinrm said

    people seem to think he clearly stated hes madara even though if you actually read it, it seems to refer to 2 seperate powers. he says MY POWER . . . MADARAS POWER.
    why would they make someone as sinister as madara be tobi? tobi’s personality is goofy like obitos, and he even shares the same physical traits. i have my own theories, but please people stop saying madara is tobi as if it’s a fact.

  31. Lady Insanity said

    In chapter 385 (most recently released at this time) Itachi reveals that Uchiha Madara is, in fact, alive and well.

    There are several hints that point to Tobi’s true identity to either Uchiha Obito or Uchiha Madara, but, if we are to take into account Kishimoto’s twisting and daring plotlines, he’ll keep us guessing until the final moment.

    I wouldn’t put my bets on either, to tell you the truth. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tobi turned out to be someone completely different, that no one ever thought of. I hear a theory that Tobi was Danzou, but I find this highly unlikely.

  32. mike said

    i know who obuto is man and its not exacly obuto
    everone thinks that. its mandara in obuto’s body yea.. i told you the secret

  33. mike said

    opps i mean tobi

  34. Khana said

    he’s an Uchiha and nobdoy caers what his first name is so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  35. kelly said

    Tobi as Madara Uchiha. NOT Obito.

  36. TOBI said


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