My puppy.

11 Responses to “Un-named Member (Leader’s Wife)”

  1. MARK said

    the leader is arashi

  2. Alex said

    the leader is yondaime the forthe hokage or better none as arashi uzimaki nobody knows why he wants the nine tails exept people like me who saw those episodes but im not telling youll find out and the wife may or may not be the wife as you say just a girl in it but if it is its probably rin his student like obito is or tobi is if you ever read kakashi’s story obito’s (tobi) right half was crushed by a boulder when he saved kakashi he has 1 eye because he gave kakashi his other sharingan eye and after a little kakashi masters the sharingan into mangekyo its compicated how they fix obito’s right eye but read kakashi gaiden to find out more.

  3. Teddy said

    Her name is Konan. She can transform herself into oragami. Is she really Pein’s wife?

  4. Vinnie said

    Actually, the leader is not Yondaime it is a a rain nin who’s name is Pain. He was one of Jiraiaya’s pupils as was Konan and their friend Yahiko. His true name is Nagato and his true body has black long hair. He has 7 bodies(somehow)and his eyes are called the Rin’negan the most powerful eye technique ever. Jiraiya found them as kids and trained them. The reason he wants the tailed beasts is to make an extremely powerful jutsu which he claims he will use to end wars, which is crazy, and he does lots of summons. The only other person to get the Rin’negan was The Sage of Six Paths, who invented ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. So far the only thing the Rin’negan has shown is to give one person all fibe elements but it can do more. Thats it.

  5. KYUUBI!! said

    pain(pein) real name is nagato and the one’s that are shown are summons from a another realm…..just like the three from the manga and Tobi is Obito and survived by unleashing his inner sharingan and get away, and he was the one that summond the kyuubi that they said was a natural disaster but realy wasnt….cause tobi has the power of the original uchiha madara or what ever his name was…but yea its like that

  6. nounou24 said

    the 4th is not the leader it is nagato one of iraiya’s past students he calls himelf pein
    and his partner is also one of jiraiya’s students and her name is konan she can turn her body into paper

  7. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. dont ask said

    no, konan is not pain’s wife. she is just another member. btw, ur srupid if u thought that yondaime, or rather minato, was the leader of the akatsuki. hes just narutos dad.

  9. hinata said

    i dont get it. all i can see is a thin box saying ‘my puppy.’!!!
    kisame is a fish face with a mummified mini-milk.

  10. hinata said

    i can only see 2 words. my, and puppy.

  11. Ingrid said

    The leader’s name is Pein, but really it is Tobi who tells him what to do (Sorry for spoiler) The un-named member name is Konan!

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