Name: Uryuu Ishida
Age: 15
Birthday: November 11
Gender: Male
Occupation: High school student, Quincy, part time shinigami-rescuer
Hobbies: Handicraft. Acting cool. Going to 24 hour sewing shop in the middle of the night.
Uryuu Ishida is the Bleach equivalent of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. They both have dark blue hair, are both insanely cool, both have orange (yellow) haired protaganist rivals. Hell, they even have the same Japanese voice actors! Ishida differ from Sasuke in that he didn’t turn the dark side and became friends with the main cast, following ichigo Kurosaki and gang into Soul Society to rescue Rukia Kuchiki.

The first we see of Ishida has the quiet high school boy sewing a hanky in the classroom of squealing females. We later learn he’s a surviving Quincy, a race of beings with supernatural powers involving shooting laser arrows from laser bows to fight hollows. The Quincies were wiped out by the Soul Reapers years ago. So, Uryuu hates Soul Reapers.

When displaying his Quincy skills, Uryuu wears a white cape and costume. He brings spare capes around in case they get dirtied. He also has the ability to hide first-aid boxes amidst his very tight clothes, and brings extra cloth to “respond to orders promptly”, where he can show off his “myriad of god-like feats” (In a matter of seconds, he turned Kon into a Victorian soft toy).

For one who claims he hates Soul reapers, he sure took off in a hurry to rescue Rukia. The night Rukia was captured by Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai, he took a bag of sewing materials and followed Rukia when he sensed immense spirit powers threatening her.


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