This mysterious Akatsuki member from the Hidden Grass Village has a two-toned body, much like the character Two-Face from Batman. The dark (right) side of Zetsu’s face and shoulders has several white spots that may or may not serve a purpose. He also has a giant Venus Flytrap surrounding his head and shoulders. It is unconfirmed whether this plant is part of his body, a summon, or something else such as a parasite. Zetsu first appeared in Naruto on the last two pages of chapter 234, where he was watching the fight between Naruto and Sasuke from underground. He “sprouted” from the ground with his flytrap closed over his head. He then proceeded to open the trap and commented on how interesting the current situation was. The strange thing about this is that Zetsu answers himself in a completely different voice (indicated by the use of katakana). In chapter 238 we see a silhouette of Zetsu telling the leader of Akatsuki that Orochimaru has obtained the Sharingan now that Sasuke has successfully left Konoha. We don’t hear from Zetsu again until chapter 255 when all of Akatsuki meet to perform the unsealing jutsu on Gaara. Zetsu is asked by the leader to be the lookout for their base. This is when he spots Team Gai + Pakkun on their way to sabotage Akatsuki’s plans. We later find out that Zetsu is the bearer of the ring 亥 (boar) during the extraction of Gaara’s Bijuu, Shukaku. After the “clone” diversions of Itachi and Kisame were defeated by Teams Gai and Kakashi, Zetsu was ordered to dispose of the bodies. He finds the two men used for the jutsu (one of them being Yuura) and eats them. Yes, Zetsu is a cannibal. The next time Zetsu appears, he is accompanied by a young man dressed in all black with an orange mask, named Tobi. They are looking for the rings of defeated members, Deidara and Sasori. Tobi finds Sasori’s ring and asks if he can be a new member, to which Zetsu agrees, saying “Tobi is a good boy” but then his other voice disagrees, saying that it’s not so easy to be a member of Akatsuki. The two later find Deidara’s severed hand with his ring on it, but Deidara who survived, approaches them and demands his hand back from Tobi. They fight as Zetsu watches in amusement. Zetsu appears once again in chapter 314, surprising Hidan and Kakuzu from the ground after they defeated the Nibi Jinchuuriki. He takes her body away, but not before making fun of Hidan’s ritual. He tells them indirectly that he only trusts himself and that he is lonely. Poor Zetsu-kun.

4 Responses to “Zetsu”

  1. Katelyn said

    Zetsu is so cool…………..

  2. Harley said

    Zetsu-Sempai is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is Tobi-San!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kibala said

    Zetsu Is VERY SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dalton said

    Poop, zetzu is poop.

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