• Membership status: Deceased, unreplaced
  • Ring: 北 (“north”)
  • Ring position: Left middle finger
  • Partner: Formerly Hidan
  • Definining characteristics: Able to extend life indefinitely through extraction and incorporation of foreign human hearts, can possess five human hearts at once, able to use all five chakra elements, body contains many threads for attack and body manipulation

Kakuzu (角都?) is a missing-nin from Takigakure and Hidan’s partner. He and Hidan display the most animosity towards each other out of all members of Akatsuki, neither being very fond of the other’s interests. The two often trade barbs with one-another, Kakuzu’s usually being better timed than Hidan’s. He at one point identified himself as the Treasurer of Akatsuki and he often turns in bounties, even during his missions. Kakuzu is the longest-lived known character in the series, having lived at least since the time of the First Hokage, whom Kakuzu mentions having fought at one point (he doesn’t elaborate on the outcome). Kakuzu is defeated about thirty chapters after his introduction by Naruto Uzumaki and finished off by Kakashi Hatake. His partner, Hidan, is still alive, but in no condition to fight.

One Response to “Kakuzu”

  1. Cassie said

    So is rin the wifes leader or is she dead??? Cuz i saw a pick of Kakashie up against a grave stone with Obioto and Rin on the side but they were faded like they weren’t there any more???

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